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  • Understand the Learners

    Equipped with the research in child psychology, this module takes the participants through three engaging sessions on understanding the learners and the learning process.

  • Assessment and Feedback

    Contrary to the popular idea, learning isn’t a one-way process. Successful learning is borne out of an interaction between instructors and students.

  • Effective Lesson Planning

    Effective teaching is like theatre – some of the most important stuff happens behind the scenes!

  • Creating Engaging Classrooms

    Learning does not have to be all work and no play. Research shows that students learn better if their minds are more invested in learning. This module has been designed to offer teachers strategies to keep students motivated and direct student energies towards learning.

  • Fostering Student Curiosity

    Constant questions are a nightmare for most teachers, especially when they are off-topic and hard to answer. What if we tell you that this boundless curiosity is the very essence of learning?